Thursday, March 24, 2005

Going 'Nuclear' 

I wrote another letter to the news today. This time it was at the behest of MOVEON.org as part of their campaign to combat the 'Nuclear Option' with respect to democratic opposition to bush's judicial nominees. Its brief, but accurate.

Dear Editor,
I have been thinking about this issue for some time now, and have something I would like to express about this 'Nuclear Option' I have heard being bandied about in regards to the Senate.

For one political party to place such a strangle hold on another is detrimental to our entire legislative process. I was taught in my political sciences classes, that majority rules best with respect for the minority.

For the republican party to be that constraining power is another example in a series of recent hypocritical acts. The republicans, a party until recent years that had been in the minority in the senate, heavily relied on the filibuster rule to maintain themselves when they didn't have the power to oppose the democratic majority with a great number of votes.

They ought to remember that things change. It was a lesson that democrats found hard to bare, and one republicans will not relish should the find themselves again in the minority, but this time with no voice with which to speak out.

The democrats approved of about 95% of George Bush's judicial nominees. 200 out of 214 I believe. Can the democrats rightfully be called 'obstructionist' with those kind of numbers? If I were Mr. Bush, I would consider that a success story.

The republicans are using their majority to gain absolute power over the federal government. They have the legislative and executive branches firmly in their hands, and now seek to stack federal courts with more 'yes-men'. We must remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and those who seek absolute power are often corrupted to begin with.

g'night kids,

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