Tuesday, March 18, 2008

no one will read this. haven't written in awhile. no matter-not why i started this blog

i want a hybrid car and i want a hybrid president. barack obama knows what our problems are and isn't afraid to address them. hillary clinton has intellectual solutions.

i just read obama's speech on race. it is one of the most straight forward and honest dialogs about race in this country i have ever heard. john stewart called it-on tuesday march 18th a politician spoke to america like we were adults.

i love barack.

then i read hilary's plans for fixing the problems facing America-they're good. really good. they make sense. she is also adressing grown ups.

i love hilary.

this grown up is a frosted mini wheats fan (no joke-they are awesome) i'll leave it up to you which side is frosted and which is good for you-but know this-the 2 together are a formula for perfection. i wish we could have a co-presidency but in this instance it would raise dumb points about neither an african american or a woman being able to do it on their own blah blah blah-the actual truth is for the first time in awhile we have 2 democrats who both equally kick ass in different ways and i don't want to have to choose. i feel like whoever we pick we win and lose. the way we win is obvious-they are both awesome. the way we lose is we only get one.

sigh and yay.

obama's awesome speech

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