Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Corporation 

The Film you must see.

This film says it all. Go out and buy it, watch it, and pass it around to your friends. This will show you how the world really works, and it should be spread around as much as possible.

This film covers all the ills that the corporate culture hath wrought on this world, from sweat shop labor, polution, privatization, collusion with fascists regimes, exploitation of just about everything in the name of profit and control.

I think one of the worst exampls discussed in the film was IBMs provision of punch-card machine to the Nazis that allowed them to keep track of the prisonrs in the concentration camps, allowing for the tabulation of such information about the prisoner as to why they were being held, whether they were homosexuel, jewish, a jehovah's witness, and how what happened to them, suicide, execution, or special treatment (i.e. the gas chambers).

Or how Coke had created Fanta Orange in order to maintain it's profits in Germany during WWII.

I think one of the more disturbing aspects covered are the 'single season seeds'. These are seeds for crops, some developed by the Monsanto Corporation, that, among other things, contain a 'Terminator Gene' that prevents the crops from generating usful seeds to be used in planting the following season.

All around this is a very good documentary that i'm sure you lefties will enjoy... if you get joy out of being enraged anyway.

Have a good weekend folks!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

You got to give it to george, he makes folks feel welcome 

Hu heckler charged - Politics - MSNBC.com

This past week, george bush entertained the financier of his administration's follies, Chinese President Hu Jintao. At one point, a Dr. Wang Wenyi, a practitioner of what seems to be a rather pieceful religion, Falun Gong, positioned herself with reportrs outside the white house and 'heckled' (as they are saying) the chinese president. I don't know that 'heckled' is the right term to describe someone's remarks of asking to end religious persecution, but its being used in several places.

Well, wouldn't you know it? georgie is such a fine and accomodating host, he made the chinese president right at home by restricting freedom of speech and engaging in religious persecution himself! Talk about fucking hospitality!

Wenyi has been charged in a federal court with willfully intimidating, coercing, threatening and harassing a foreign official.


What the FUCK does that mean???

It means that Mr. Faith-Based himself was able to turn on religion and the US constitution, on a dime, and have this woman punished in order not to offend his biggest creditor. She did nothing violent. She didn't threaten anyone. She spoke her mind. Maybe she couldn't find the designated 'free-speech zone', which given that the even was at the white house, the designated zone was probably somewhere in the middle of kansas.

Can we impeach him now?!?! What the fuck is it going to take? What damn line does he have to cross before we have to snap him back? He is behaving like a dictator. Excuse me, 'Decider'. He is a coward, afraid of public dissent.

Maybe i should be more understanding. if the chinese president had been so offended, he could have called a marker on george's debt, and turned America into the third world country that the bushies have always dreamt of, so whats a little religious persecution on American soil if it helps to prevent that? right?

Alright. I'm done. Sorry for my absense, work has kept me quite busy of late, but i have been no less entertained, or enraged, by our dear leader's antics.

Have a good weekend all!

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