Sunday, April 18, 2004

Yesterday I participated in MoveOn.org's Bake Sale for Democracy, and I'm proud to say our little bake sale raised over 2000 dollars!! Here's a link to some pictures. According to an email I got from our coordinator we registered 5 new voters too!! What a great day! I will definately participate in the next one whatever it may be and urge anyone who reads this to do the same. In the mean time you can find out how you can help by clicking on MoveOn.org or by picking up a copy of 50 Ways To Love Your Country , MoveOn's new book on do it yourself activism. It's so exciting when you feel like you can personally make a diffrence, and I encourage everyone to get involved, only then can we truly say we have a working Democracy!

P.S.-Here's some signs I put on my cookies.-

(That last one said "Rummy's Yummy's on it!)

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