Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The point-counter point on John Kerry's plan to get the UN in to help us in Iraq has come down to this-
point -" We need to rebuild the once strong alliances we had with the rest of the world and get some UN troops in to help us democratize Iraq."
counter point-"you're a pussy who wants to turn tail and run!"
But there's a really good reason that we need UN intervention. It's psychological. We are occupiers. We are-no two ways about it. And when a country you've been bombing for 12 years, imposing sanctions on, and then invading isn't gonna throw roses at your feet no matter what Donald Rumsfeld says. With UN help it's seen as less an occupation and more of a relief effort, and thus becomes harder to recruit people for an insurgency. And it makes the insurgents look like the thugs the president says they are and less like revolutionaries to be martyred. Mostly tho it's become obvious we need more troops, our guys there now are overworked and the deployments are too long, and, I know no one wants to hear this, but there's already a plan with selective service to reinstate the draft in 2005 if Bush gets elected. Before any of this happens we need to take the freedom fries off the menu and kiss some international ass.

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