Thursday, April 08, 2004

I want someone who was at the hearings today to run a piece about who was in the gallery. I heard the victims family steering committee cheering and applauding when Rice was asked tough questions. That was expected and a repeat of what they did when they got a commitee member with a spine last time. But what threw me was the applause for Condi when she defended the president. Plus I think I heard some booing at one point when she was being grilled on the Aug. 6th PDB. Yes it's possible she had a supporter or two, but it was a bit unprecedented for these proceedings. What's not unprecedented however is the notion that this administration may have put plants in the gallery to cheer for their side of the story. We know they're not above that sort of thing, so I'm just curious about who the Condi fan club was at the hearings today, that's all. Somebody please help me out with this one...

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