Monday, March 08, 2004

Halliburton Supports the troops!!

End of hot meals for U.S. troops
in Iraq?

"Halliburton has a multibillion-dollar contract to feed and house U.S. troops in Iraq. But there are problems. A food subcontractor that runs 10 percent of the dining facilities in Iraq claims it hasn’t been paid by Halliburton for months and is threatening to stop serving hot meals.

The company, Event Source, serves 100,000 meals a day in Iraq under a contract with a Halliburton subsidiary. vent Source claims Halliburton owes it $87 million, including payment for President Bush's Thanksgiving dinner with the troops.

“When you get stuck out there for $87 million,” explains Event Source Chief Executive Officer Phil Morrell, “it’s a question of economics.”

In an interview with NBC News, Morrell says he’s already laid off employees in the United States and soon will have to feed sandwiches to the troops, instead of hot meals, because his company is running low on money."

Well, maybe Bush can donate some of the reelection money he'll make using that plastic turkey thanxgiving photo-op in Iraq to throw the troops some lunchables or something? No wait-I forgot-he needs that whole 200 million to run unopposed in the primary-sorry! (thanx to Atrios for the heads up!)

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