Sunday, March 07, 2004

A pearl of wisdom from Bill Maher-

"Why is the president, someone who supposedly likes “facts” and relies of “good judgment,” stonewalling the 9/11 Commission? He’s refused to meet with the full panel, and will only meet with the chair and co-chair. Oh, and only for one hour. He’s acting like it’s an interview with Mary Hart. And initially the White House resisted the idea of extending the commission’s deadline, though they put out the laughable idea that they actually did want it extended, but Dennis Hastert wouldn’t agree to bring it up. Please, Hastert is like Morgan Freeman in Shawshank – he can’t take a piss without the White House’s say-so.

They claim they don’t want 9/11 to become a political football. How ridiculous is that coming from the guy who’ll be addressing the Republican Convention on the top of a trash heap with a fireman in one arm and a megaphone in the other?"

...apparently he hadn't even seen the ads yet.

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