Monday, March 08, 2004

Sen. Hillary Clinton had some great jabs at the Bush administration at last night's annual Gridiron Dinner in Washington. A sampling-

"• The Clinton administration used to say it had "moved millions from welfare to work," to which Bush could add, "We've made that journey round trip."

• "I actually saw the vice president as we were walking in," she said. "I was getting out of my car. . . . he was getting out of Justice Scalia's."

And not to overlook a great one by Wall Street Journal columnist Al Hunt speaking of President Bush's absence from the dinner while he entertained Mexicaan President Vincente Fox on his ranch in Texas-"That pretty much sums up the White House philosophy: Why waste time with newspaper reporters when you can spend quality time with Fox?"

hee hee ;)-thanx to the Washington Post

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