Thursday, June 10, 2004

The New York Times > Washington > U.S. Wrongly Reported Drop in World Terrorism in 2003: "WASHINGTON, June 10 (AP) - The State Department acknowledged Thursday that it was wrong in reporting that terrorism declined worldwide last year, a finding the Bush administration had pointed to as evidence of its success in countering terror.
Instead, the number of incidents and the toll in victims increased sharply, the department said. Statements by senior administration officials claiming success were based 'on the facts as we had them at the time; the facts that we had were wrong,' Richard A. Boucher, the State Department spokesman, said."]

Anyone who is shocked to hear that the administration manipulated data to make them look good politically at this point, congratulations on surviving being trapped under that rock for the last three and a half years. (clap clap) As for the report itself I just found it a)hilarious, and b) chin strokingly interesting since his apparent success in fighting terror is the main reason most republicans i know are still clinging desperately to their support of the fearless leader. Bush has been trying to paint himself as an action hero for years, now he actually looks like one. Except that when Ahnold is hanging from the landing gear of a flying helicopter, there's usually not someone greasing it up.

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