Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hi kids! Just a quick update since I've been away so long. I owe my two readers that much at least. I'll be busier than usual since I finally got another job. Thanx to the wonderful Bush economy I am now working 40+ hours a week making about half of what I used to make. The recovery kicks ass! There's been almost too much in the news to even begin blogging about right now so I'll pick one topic which none of us can escape-the death of Ronald Reagan. What can I say about the Gipper that hasn't been said all day on the news? For starters that he was a suck president. I didn't spend my whole childhood during the eighties praying every night that there wouldn't be a nuclear war because he was "the great communicator". In fact, even as a child his witticisms scared the crap out of me because I didn't understand how anyone with his finger on the button could breathe let alone have a sense of humor about it. Plus he's the man who inexorably tied the reverend Jerry Falwel to my government which pisses me off. He ignored AIDS until it was found it effected more people than just homosexuals, and taught Dick Cheney to believe that "deficits don't matter". Tell that to anyone who thought they were going to lose their house to inflation and "Reaganomics". Now they want to put him on the ten dollar bill. If we're going to be accurate historians here we should put him on the -10 dollar bill or the forclosure notice. In any case, I could go on but I digress. Suffice it to say, so long president Reagan. This week TGIF will have new meaning as it will mean I no longer have to listen to a 24 hour a day love fest to the man who made my growing up a scary memory of ever present doom and expensive toys my parents couldn't afford.

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