Thursday, November 06, 2003

It would seem that the gop are shocked that an investigation into white house impropriety could somehow have political ramifications!! the tamarity of those democrats! the republicans would never do such a thing!! oh, wait yes they would-one difference tho-gop investigations in the past have uncovered such politically charged yet irrelevent allegations as executive blow jobs, while the senate intelligence comittee, while they may benefit politically from uncovering white house intelligence failures during an election year, are actually investigating something that directly effects the american public-why we're at war in iraq.in the first case, the republicans seem to have been brought about charges specifically to give them political advantage, since blow jobs, while they can be pleasent, don't effect policy -or at least not in this case. while lying about the reasons for a war we're mired down in is a huge deal. it effects every facet of american life, from families with loved ones in the field to the huge deficit our grandchildren will inherit. any political advantage the democrats gain in this instance is purely a side effect. and a significant side effect from a voting standpoint-since the first good press for the dems stems from the fact that they're doing their jobs defending the interests of their constituents, and the second reason they look good is in comparison to the republicans who may be guilty of breaking several serious federal laws. i've said before that there is an enormous difference between lying about getting your jimmy waxed and lying our nation into a war. in this case any political gain the democrats reap is actually earned-they're just doing what we elected them to do. this time it's not a witch hunt, it's what this system of checks and balances was set into place for-to hold public officials up to the light of accountability.

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