Tuesday, November 04, 2003

ok-back to reality- i can't say that i didn't see this coming, but it's coming faster than i would have imagined. what am i talking about? i almost can't bring myself to write it- the draft - tom tomorrow has more on his blog- i recommend you look and see what's been going on. this is seriously scary stuff. not unexpected though. look at the facts. he's screwing the enlisted who volunteered and droves of them have already said there's no way they're reenlisting so with no end in sight in iraq what should we expect? - unless they start building fucking robots. no wonder they don't care if they're screwing the soldiers out of benefits-they won't need to offer incentives if they can force people to fight. i just can't believe they're making moves during an election year. if the mountains of bullshit he's already peddling don't cost bush the election, if this gets out, it surely will. support for this war is already seriously deteriorating. hell- no one even knows why we really started it. if people are told they have to send their kids to war they're not gonna shrug and say "ok!"

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