Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The New York Times > National > From a Strange Encounter With Iraqi Police to Fatal Capture

This is an article about the death of, and tribute to the life of Nick Berg, the Westchester, PA man who was found beheaded by terrorists in Iraq this week. Whenever I hear the reports of fatalities come in from Iraq, wheather they be military or civilian, American, or Iraqi, it brings me to tears. (no, I'm not being dramatic) This one I heard about as breaking news on my local CBS station. (I live right down the road from Westchester) These days everything is political. The look on that anchorwoman's face was 100% personal. Every death that comes out of this war is personal. We have to remember that if we're to chart a course of action in this situation that makes any sense. I only pray that our leaders are as deeply affected by the daily tragedy of this war as I am. But until I see some sincere evidence of that it will remain, for me, a senseless tragic, mistake.

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